I have a passion for design and find a lot of satisfaction in creating functional and beautiful things. I consider myself to be a left-brained, organized, analytical, and creative-type person. Becoming a graphic designer was an easy choice for me and I find myself always excited to work in this dynamic field. In addition to design, I assist clients with development of unique and functional identities, management of their social media presences, and creation of effective content and marketing campaigns as they grow and evolve. Every project, no matter how big or small, presents a unique opportunity to create something incredible.

I have built my business over the years with client referrals and repeat customers. It's my priority to make sure my clients are always thrilled with what they hire me for. I am enthusiastic, reliable, hard-working, and never miss a deadline!

EDUCATION and Experience

I studied Digital Graphic Design at the Art Institute and am self-taught in web design. I have been working in web design since 1995 and graphic design since 2006. Additionally, I have degrees in Mathematics and Astronomy.


"We had the pleasure of working with Jenny on a large brochure for our company's annual convention. When choosing a designer, she set herself above the rest by asking the right questions about the project and by showing a genuine interest. Her design work was top notch and her professional manner couldn't have been better. She was extremely prompt, great with communication, and hit all the deadlines on time. The final product was above and beyond our expectations. We are looking forward to working with Jenny again in the near future!" 
-Dale Berridge and Jessica Stengel, Gray Line Worldwide

"I LOVE working with Jenny! She's insightful with her design work and a superb professional with her follow through and commitment to detail. She's fun to work with and really "gets" her clients. She's designed my website, promotional materials, print materials - even my letterhead. I love that she's the expert on branding and carrying through your business feel to everyone your business touches - no matter if its virtual or in person. I highly recommend Jenny for her professionalism, her commitment and her ability to get the job done." 
- Stacey Donelson, L.Ac. 

"Seriously .....Jenny..... I wish you were the person on the other end of every project I work on in life. I swear. I feel like I encounter so much incompetence and sheer indifference almost every day, in every area of life that it just blows my mind how much you've got your act together. The world would be a better, happier place if everyone was as competent as she is at doing their jobs and charged such reasonable rates for their services!" 
- Rosanna Lee, DJ at KSCN

"Thank you for your fabulous work on this new design. It's very professional and unique. Exactly what we wanted! The work was done promptly, and efficiently, and Jenny was just a doll to work with. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone in need!
- Kevin Steinman, musician

"Jenny is an incredible artist with an eye for exactly the style of design you are looking for. I couldn't be happier with the way my project turned out! THANK YOU JENNY!!!
- Molly Jenson, musician

"In brief, I have found working with Jenny almost calming. She takes care of our designs and up-keep with precision and style. We discuss a direction, supply the content, and it's done. That simple."
- George Hess, Label VP Marketing and Promotion

"Jenny was so professional and answered all of my many questions. She got a feel for what I was looking for and completely delivered. Her designs are just amazing!"
- Kim DiVine, musician

"Jenny is a creative genius! I didn't know what I wanted my design to look like, but somehow she did. And the best part about working with her is that, unlike most gifted artists, she is extremely prompt and reliable."
- Joey Ryan, musician

"Jenny - We can't thank you enough! You did a GREAT job and we are all very pleased. It is rare in this day and age that a product or service exceeds ones expectations and that is exactly what you did. We sent out a mass email yesterday announcing the new site and have received so many positive comments we are having trouble keeping up with the emails. I look forward to teaming up with you again on other projects. Our hats are off to you for a job well done. Thank you again."
- Scott Lee, manager

"Jenny is by far one of the most talented people I've ever worked with. She has an unrivaled ability to take even the roughest idea and turn it into something amazing that really represents the artist. Her customer service is incredible, and she has the wonderful gift of absolute patience, which is a life saver if you really don't know exactly what you're looking for. I would recommend her services without batting an eye to any musician looking for a high quality product."
- Brandon Chandler, musician

I've had the pleasure of working with... 

Ingrid Michaelson Matt Nathanson Dave Matthews Band
Greg Laswell Damien Rice Joe Purdy
Jason Isbell Schuyler Fisk Inconcert3D
Tim McGraw Joshua Radin The Submarines
TOMS Shoes Erin McCarley Rocco Deluca
Cinedigm American Laundromat Records Jay Nash
Carbon Leaf The Fray Rosanna Lee
Steve Reynolds Josh Kelley Joey Ryan Band
Reverb Matt Duke Melissa Ferrick
Martha Wainwright Switch Over to Darfur Rogue Motel
Jonathan McEuen Charlie Mars Billy Harvey
Tom McRae Old School Freight Train Sarah Solovay
Nya Nade Erick Macek Darrin Kohavi
Seth Glier Jess Furman Mikey Powell
Canal Room MoveOn.Org Karna Records
Back Door Slam High Tide Blues Tony Lucca
Meiko Sally Jaye Taryn Manning
Deana Carter Andy Stack Ernie Halter
Reed Foehl Anya Singleton She and the Sun
Brian Wright Red Light Management Scott Harris Project
Molly Jenson Band of Thieves Red Stick Recordings
Bryan Greenberg Alexa Wilkinson Kim DiVine
Hilary Cousins Talons of Spring Band of Thieves
Bandfarm Chrystina Lloree Fincher Ryan Calhoun
Astro Alec Bridges Kevin Steinman
Saba The Green Car Motel TIP
Craig Eastman Comfort the Children Strictly Rhythm Records
Greg Johnson AbbotFinney Wilspro Management
Drew Tichnell Chelsea Lee Derren Raser
Sonic Management Vincent Van Go Go's The Colorful Quiet
Julie Neumark Whispertown 2000 The Cobalt Season
Hudson Rail Company The Leftovers 54 Seconds
Jessica Lindsey Rachel Loy DTI Promotions
AM The Kin The Sun
Indie Teams Jaden South Brandon Chandler
Lynn VerLayne UKFM Michael Ripoll
The Jeff Michael Band Nya Jade Ben Deignan
Filthy Souls Tied in 2 Craig Gore
Dick Derry Holly Conlan Chris Townsend
Jessica Caylyn Hunter Hendrickson Rachael Sage
Moss Bluff Emy Reynolds Ken Hyland